Earlier on this month, students from across England were invited to watch Hamilton at the Victoria Palace. Burntwood students had been very lucky to have been able to attend and experience the action of history on modern stage.

Hamilton is a story about America’s founding father- Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who then became George Washington’s right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and helped shape the America we know today. The act consists of blends of hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R & B and Broadway- bringing a modern twist on the history that is retold.

 As someone who wouldn’t have taken much interest, Hamilton has definitely caught my eye- from all the choreography (by Andy Blankenbuehler) to the story line and the execution of the show all done by Lin-Manuel Miranda and direction by Thomas Kail.

You’re introduced by the cast instantly, backed up by the ensemble- the whole team effort is what brings the performance to life including the production team as well as the orchestra. The scenes are named by the musical numbers performed, which then consequently makes act 1 and act 2.

 It begins with “Alexander Hamilton” which introduces Hamilton himself within the first three lines of the song. It is then followed through with his story to fame and recognition and the relationships he builds throughout the story- “Helpless” from the voice of Eliza Hamilton. Act 2 supplies the suspense, tension within the story as it reaches the climax and resolution of the story- with “Stay Alive reprise” and the finale song “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” – The whole story in song.

For audience ages ten and on wards the show is certainly an eye-catching experience for musical lovers and theatre admirers in general. It is packed with immense love and support from the audience that has gotten it’s place today in the Broadway from across the world. However, the audience wouldn’t have known for this hero if it wasn’t for Elizabeth Hamilton who had devoted her life after his death in 1804 to prove Hamilton’s role and giving him credit for his work.

“If Hamilton’s rise was remarkable, so was his fall. The very things that raised him to power destroyed him. His self-promotion and ambition earned him countless enemies.”

After the amazing two hours and forty-five minutes of the show, the cast provided a question and answer for the students. They informed students how they entered the world of theatre, what particular steps they ran up to get to their position today: countless auditions and drama school work but most importantly the determination. The booklet provided to the audience informs how each actor arrived onto the stage of theatre and Hamilton which is a big help to those wanting to get an understanding on how to enter the world of acting.

Many of us students went into the theatre thinking of the play to be overrated as such but came out understanding the publicity the show receives- some of us had even downloaded the soundtracks once we travelled our way back home. It is one thing when you hear of it; another when you witness it.

Of course the production has received countless reviews over the years and is a must watch for those into musical theatre or theatre in general. The Victoria Palace is a beautiful auditorium to accommodate the audience and the interior of the building outstands.

To find out more about Hamilton and purchase the tickets, you can visit the Victoria Palace website at: http://www.victoriapalacetheatre.co.uk/ and be able to witness the show of history retold.