Today, on Saturday the 6th April, the new extension of the Harry Potter studios is finally opening. The Gringotts bank is a new big scene added to the studios in London. Not only can you see what the bank looked like, you can go to the one and only Bellatrix’s vault and get the full experience.

On top of that, the studios have built a new gift shop that is even bigger than the last and a chocolate frog cafe. It is just extraordinary! The gift shop is split into sections such as quidditch, gringotts, fantastic beasts, honey dukes and much more. Each section has everything for every house so no house is left out. There’s enough for everybody there! 

The gringotts bank is the biggest addition to the Harry Potter studios to date and it has everything from the realistic goblins to the dragon destroying the bank itself. It is definitely a sight to behold so I recommend getting your tickets now to see and create unforgettable memories.