Your Local Guardian:

Armed police and as many as 20 ambulances were reported to be at the scene of Holybourne Avenue and Danebury Avenue after a man threatened to jump off a building this afternoon.

Witnesses reported upto 20 ambulances and armed police. A met police spokeswoman at the time said:"Police were called at 12.05pm on April 3 to Holybourne Avenue following reports of a male threatening to jump from a residential building. Police are attempting to engage with the male. Road closures and cordons are in place. The situation is ongoing." 

One witness described the situation as "Huge, huge, major incident in Roehampton. 20 police cars. Armed officers. 20 ambulances. 10 fire engines. Plain clothed fuzz. All cordoned off. Never seen anything like it." 

According to reports, the area surrounding Danebury avenue was cordened off following calls of the incident. The incident (April 3rd) has since been resolved but no reports of what has happened to the man involved. However, it seems he has made it down safely.