In the past few years London has gained a reputation of being very shady, with not just knife crime on the rise but also crime in general, an example of this being 12 stabbings in just 14 days.

Some of the stats over 2018 include: • Knife crime has increased by 8% violent crimes up by 18% • The numbers of murders went up by 14% • In the capital knife crime went up by 16% in 2018 • Overall 2018 was London’s bloodiest year with 134 murders, this was the bloodiest in over a decade Now the question is why may these be happening as there must be a reason to all the murder and bloodshed, I asked my parents their thoughts on; Why do you think knife crimes have increased over the past few years, and How does this affect your parenting?

They said “it has become a culture, an indicative of society, the generation has grown up around it, they are attracted by gang culture due to a lack of a social life at home.” “people carry knives for protective measures and so once they are scared they have more of an incentive to fight back” “it stops me allowing the freedom you should have as I am uncertain of what could happen to you. So I’m stricter with you” “ I’ve had an experience before. I’ve been mugged at knife point and it felt intimidation and it’s worse now days than before.”

I think to get us out of this mess the government is going in the right direction, investing money into the police force. This violent I believe stems from a young age, back to their home lives. Children need to be given a different option to take rather than resorting to gang culture if the home life is poor. Set up an organisation a clinic something to give them another place to go to