On 24th March, I went to see Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre, London. With the reputation of being an utter phenomenon the production certainly did not disappoint. 

One of the most widely known storylines to ever exist, Les Misérables is based on the experience of eight main characters and their experience during the French Revolution. Naturally, the musical draws brilliantly on the horrors everyday people faced and every actor channelled their character exceptionally. I was particularly amazed by Jessica Lee who undertook the role of Eponine, and Bradley Jaden as Javert especially due to their impressive vocal performances. Their gestures and facial expressions were performed with such conviction that I, and the rest of the audience were simply mesmerised.

Most famously known for its music, Les Misérables does not shy away from challenging their cast with the vocal demands. The solo numbers as well as whole cast songs were performed to the best quality allowing the audience to share such vulnerable moments with the characters. 

The stage and set were also cleverly designed to convey the different scenes - for example the barricade and the sewage system where Valjean rescues and carries Marius to safety. The show also utilised a rotating circular stage which made the show even more dynamic and exciting to watch. 

Having been scaled down since first making their debut in the West End, this production was certainly more intimate with the audience than it first had been. Nevertheless I am sure that every performance is exceptional in its delivery. It was evident that the cast enjoyed and felt comfortable performing with one another making the relationship between characters seem that much more realistic. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this incredible performance, and given the opportunity I would urge everyone to go and see the show.