There are record numbers of people living rough in London, currently over 3000, so why does no one notice them? You may see them living their lives on the streets, every day, and not approach even one in your whole time. They should not be any different to anybody else, so why do they live in squalor while we live in relative luxury.

While every homeless persons’ journey is very different, the thought that they got there on their own is often very far from the truth. Lack of qualifications to secure jobs is a big reason for life on the streets, yet lack of support after life changing experiences such as injury etc., often leave these people hopeless to find work.

Some homeless people do not even have enough money to afford basic utilities and services, resulting in a life for begging for money. One homeless person even said: “every meal is a blessing to me”. Despite this daily struggle for life, the majority of people simply walk past these poor people as if they are invisible. All most of these people want is any spare change someone can give up in order to buy a meal, yet that usually does not happen. While some generous people may go above and beyond to give substantial amounts of money, everyone else is too busy living their lives to worry.

On the bright side, some generous churches and charities provide shelter and food to the more fortunate of the homeless population.