mom is the most beautiful thing in the world. With her you quarrel, laugh and joke with her yu pass the happiest days of your life With her you cry, believe and dream. And you know that she is always next to you and that she will be the only person who nevertheless will never leave you.
For this Mother's Day I thought of writing a letter to you as I did when I was little.
Mom, I grew from the love of your hugs, your love and your generous gestures. I still remember when I came home from school and sat on the couch with a pout because I had taken a bad grade at school, you looked at me and realized that there was something wrong, I tenderly bowed down to you with soft arms and sat on her legs, you hugged me so hard that I felt protected and safe as if nobody in the world could hurt me because you were there to keep me safe. We sat at the table and you offered me a warm cup of tea with biscuits, I told you with my little voice trembling with fear of your reaction what made me so sad and told you that I was afraid to disappoint you because I could never take a good grade at school and you instead of telling me you said to me: love your brain and a small plant that must be watered and taken care of to make it grow strong and healthy, in the evening we will do a bit of maths together so that you will become the most intelligent of the class " With those words you reassured me and made me feel loved.
I still remember our walks along the river after finishing the tasks which it was nice to see the city, feel the cheeks fresh from the wind and the hair that fluttered for speed or our whole days on the balcony to plant flowers. Mom I have lived the most beautiful days of my life with you and I am so grateful to you and thanks to you where I arrived, you have always supported me in everything, you have given me love and wisdom and you have always helped me to get up when I was down Every time I have to commit to something I think of you and all the sacrifices you made to grow, I don't know how to repay you for all this. Although in life there are ups and downs like you have been by my side so far and the turn to help you, mom, I'll be proud of me.
I love you with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day and you and all the mothers of the world to make every little gesture something special without you there would be nothing