What is a mother? Mothers come in all different shapes and sizes. The only key trait they need is the ability to help you grow. In my personal opinion, a mother is someone who guides you and helps you to grow as a person. Someone who leads you, motivates you, guides you. A mother is there for you when you don’t know who you are, and they try their best to help you. Mothers are special. I mean I attempted to write this paragraph a dozen times, but I kept rewriting it as I felt it didn’t do them justice. So let’s just start from the beginning.

For me, I am special enough to have two people who I’d class as my mother; my actual mother, and my eldest sister. They both guide me but in different ways. Whilst they both show the importance of working hard and never giving up, they teach me these lessons in different ways.

My sister. The strongest woman I know, despite any of the health problems she’s been through she, keeps fighting and never gives up. She has always been my role model and has always been what I aspire to be like. I know that regardless of what happens she will always be there for me and will always be there in my corner, fighting for me.

Then we get to my mother. Whilst she’s been busy dealing with the countless other issues that life throws at her, she constantly tries to remain positive and always tries to care for the people around her. She is so caring to the point where she puts her own health last, in order to care for my siblings and me.

In my opinion, without these two people, I would definitely not be the same. I would probably be a brat, because again without these women I wouldn't be me, and I wouldn’t be as determined to succeed. So happy Mother’s day to every mother out there. Without you being pour beacons of light, we’d just be ships lost at sea. So from all of us kids, thank you. I know it's not said much but I just hope you know how much you mean to your kids. Even if they don’t say it.