The adaptation of the classic story, The Jungle Book, was performed at Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for girls on the: 5th and 6th of March.

Based on the original collection of stories, ‘The Jungle Book’, was written in 1894 by Rudyard Kipling. The story is about a young boy, Mowgli, whose parents were killed, leaving him in a jungle. Mowgli is then raised by jungle animals such as: wolves, a panther and elephants. Over the course of the story, issues on: family, friendship and love are tackled. The story has been loved by many for over a century so, it is nice to see the younger generation return to a classic.

One parent said, ‘I always love seeing what amazing things the girls and staff create together. There were no mishaps, everything ran smoothly. The acting was fantastic, it was really a special performance’.

One student commented, ‘I really enjoyed watching this. The tickets weren’t expensive and the set design was very bright and interesting. I enjoyed the singing and acting a lot. I will definitely be at the next play’.

The play involved students varying from all year groups, teachers from different departments and had help from parents. The Art department were key in the creation of props and set design, they also enlisted help from students. The English department were also vital to the acting and script.

The normal prices for tickets were £2.50 for a child and £3.50 for an adult.

Norbury Manor school plays are normally two years apart so the next play should be at the start of 2021.