Amidst the seemingly constant bombardment of my news feed with news of Brexit, I found myself gradually beginning to notice the importance of the success of this entire process on my future. 3 years ago, when the result of the vote emerged, it seemed inevitable that Brexit, in the hands of a perhaps incompetent leader, would turn out to become increasingly complex and therefore not work as originally planned. 

The negative affects of a no-deal Brexit are plentiful. Many global corporations have their head offices for Europe in London. However now they must question whether it remains viable for for their headquarter to remain in London while their main market is over a boarder in the EU. London could therefore lose its hard-earned status of a global powerhouse of a city. 2017 statistics shows the difference in GDP between the US (19.39 trillion dollars) and the EU (17.28 trillion dollars) to be small. Being part of the EU allows the UK to compete on the global stage. On its own the UK has a GDP of just 2.6 trillion dollars.

On Saturday, March 23 hundreds of thousands of people gathered in central London to protest against Brexit. Despite multiple efforts to stop Brexit I believe that it is important to respect the vote. 3 years ago, the British public voted to leave the EU so the government must therefore carry out its democratic duty by leaving the EU. Many anti-brexit supporters are calling for a second vote, however I believe that a second vote should be seen as unfair. It is difficult for me to believe that the British public didn’t know what they were voting for originally and a second vote would be grossly unfair to leavers who’s views remain the same. Once a country’s public votes for something the results of the vote must be carried out.

If we respect the vote and a hard-brexit is not wanted, a compromise is needed. Theresa May’s plan for Brexit has fallen through 3 times displaying how difficult a compromise can be. As part of the generation that our current adults are making a world for, a hard-brexit cannot be said to be beneficial. It is true to say that the younger you are the more likely you are to vote to remain the in the EU. Hard-brexit means an uncertain future for the UK, and that uncertainty worries me.