This year from the 29-31st of March 2019 the annual Swimathon took place once again, and over 600 pools across the UK registered to host this fantastic event with approximately 20,000 people taking part. Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK were this year’s sponsorship partners, and so far this year £1,639,828 has been raised to support and fund the work of these amazing charities, £3,487 raised by the 82 venues in London alone and so much more raised by others. This year the aim is to raise £2.2 million overall !

Amelia Sturt, who took part, said “I had the great opportunity to partake in the Swimathon this year and after having swum in it since 2015, I found it such an enjoyable experience yet again.  At 5pm all the participants headed down to the pool to prepare for the swim. The atmosphere was great, as most people there were swimming in groups with their families and friends to support the cause and have a great time. Soon the first swimmers entered the water and it began. The evening carried on as more swimmers entered the pool after their friends had swum, and everyone’s families stood on the side and cheered them on. I was so proud that I took part and it encouraged me to keep doing it in years to come! “

The Swimathon was such a successful event which raised a lot of money and awareness for the charities, as well as inspiring people to swim at the same time!