To the delight of Richmond residents aplenty, the council has confirmed that Peter Rabbit 2 is to be filmed in Richmond, in and around the town centre.

But there are inconveniences that come with this news. Between March 31 and April 7, there will be road closures which will impact transport in the local area.

A statement issued by the council read: 

“Over the past few months our filming officers have been working with the production company to ensure that the impact on local residents, visitors to the town centre and local businesses is minimised as much as possible,"

"Regular meetings have been held with local ward councillors and other local groups, to ensure that all are informed of the filming.

"Letters from the production company have been sent to all local residents and businesses in the impacted area."

“As well as the publicity that comes with hosting a movie set, the council also said they will be charging the company from March 31 to April 7 (the days filming are scheduled to take place).

"We are charging the production company to film in the borough, along with subsequent charges for parking/road closures etc.”

Additionally, the council website confirmed that this money will be going to beneficial causes.

“This money will be reinvested into local services.

"In addition, the production company are making significant donations to local organisations to help fund local projects, e.g. improvements to enhance grass area on Hill Rise, restoration of a fountain on Richmond Green and a contribution so the local police are able to put on events to alert people to the dangers from scams at Duke Street Church and Richmond Good Neighbours."

The council also wished to reaffirm that this a large operation for the town.

“There are two units involved numbering approximately 160 crew in total. On some days, this will increase to approximately 300 people including support artists.”