The prevalence of smoking in the surrey has been decrsing since 2014. The percentage of people that smoking in surrey has decreased from 15.1% to 10.9% that is a decrease in 1.2%.

Some of Reasons that smoking has decreased, is the Surrey stop smoking service a government service meant to reduce the amount of people that smoke in surrey, quit 51 provide a free stop smoking service across Surrey. The most used aids to help people quit attempt are Electronic Cigarettes, which had over taken Nicotine patches in 2013 as the most used aid. 3 in 4 people said having support near their home would influence their decision to access support with an advisor.

Smoking in surrey has an estimated cost of £252.4 million to the economy the biggest cause being Lost production because of Smoking Brecks and early deaths caused by smoking. Smoking care, in 2016/2017 650 women in surrey smoked while they were pregnant. Even though there has been a decrease in the amount of smoking, between 2011 and 2016 the number of hospital admissions that a relate do smokng for people aged 35 and over has increased by 10%. Estimated death per 100,000 from smoking is lower in surrey than in England and the south east, with both under and over 18-year olds.

The amount of people that smoke has been decrsing thanks to the council helping people to quit smoking, as a result is having reduced the economic and health impact of smoking.