Transport for London is a government body dedicated to the public transport system in Greater London. TfL is responsible for managing London Underground, London Buses and more public services. Plainly put, TfL primarily aims to make travel throughout London simpler and quicker.

TfL prides its services for being open to everybody and, above all, safe. In response to the latter, public transport is very safe in general. In day to day life, it is extremely unlikely that any harm will befall anyone taking the tube, for example. While this is true, unfortunately some people heckle others taking the tube. In TfL’s arsenal, there are a multitude of CCTV cameras on most, if not all, methods of transport. This acts as a deterrent for the more severe crimes, however it does not stop people from sneaking on to buses without passes.

Another factor TfL strives to improve is the reliability of the public transport all over Greater London. Reliability relates to the consistency of the services, in particular regarding delays. Delays in the TfL network are most notorious in London buses. Reliability is an important factor due to the fact that over 6.5 million use buses every day. While planned delays are made known prior to the dates they occur, non-planned obstructions are dealt with using diversions. These diversions are inconvenient as they involve taking time consuming detours, missing some bus stops in the process, which could hinder commutes.

Despite these negative factors, with the direction given by Mayor Sadiq Khan, the TfL is improving at impressive rates with the hopes of becoming a stress free, safe service.