Shamima Begum at the age of 15 she ran away to Syria to join the IS now she wants to return to England with her son, yet she shows no remorse for her actions that led her here.  There are many opinions on what should happen next with most people saying they simply don’t want her back in the UK however, has the government made a big and possibly catastrophic decision in this case.

The stripping of Shamimas citizenship though generally understandable could have major run off consequences for many other people in and out of the UK.  Since no countries is ready to take Shamima as there citizen (Bangladeshi clamming since she hasn’t been there she isn’t a citizen) she is effectively stateless which under international law is illegal. So what could be the consequences of this move by the UK government?  A possible radical movement by racists to get rid of the citizenships of good citizens based on what’s happened and their prejudices of people. 

As well as this what the government has shown with their actions towards this case is that they have the power to strip citizenship and they will use it, despite any conventional norms of them not doing this. Was this a show of power? Or was it to make an example out of Shamima to anyone else wishing to come back, even remorseful people? Then again why not try her in England and give her l life sentence and put her child up for adoption, isn’t that setting an example to people?

There is a clear ulterior motive within the government for stripping her citizenship as on its own seems out of place and even a step too far.