Tensions have increased yet again between India Pakistan, with the threat of warfare in regards to territory. Both nuclear powers have been in dispute over the border region of Kashmir. The situation had been triggered on February 14th as a consequence of the suicide bombing by Jaish-e-Muhammad. A militant group with close links to the terrorist group, al-Qaeda. This resulted in the death of more than 40 Indian soldiers. India saw this as a worthy reason for retaliation and thus launched air strikes against the militant training camps, situated on the Pakistani side of Kashmir.

On Wednesday the 27th of February hostility was further aggravated when Pakistan claimed its airforce had shot down two Indian fighter jets and had captured an Indian pilot, in response.

These means of retaliation and spite led to the closure of several airports in both India and Pakistan being closed down. Thus leaving thousands stranded worldwide, with many waiting still to fly back home.

The issue of Kashmir hasn't newly surfaced but has caused problems between both India and Pakistan for decades. Since the 1947 partition in which India and Pakistan were split and created into two sovereign states. This key area of land that is Kashmir has had three wars fought for it since. It is the inclination for autonomy in the different area of Kashmir that has led to numerous uprisings and outbreaks of violence. Unfortunately, nothing has been resolved between India and Pakistan, no compromises have been made in terms of what each power wants and how they wish to control Kashmir as of yet.