At least six targeted. One death. Dog owners have been alerted to the dangers of walking their pets on Wimbledon Common as police investigate allegations that a poisoner is targeting the animals. 

Piles of cooked chicken are reported to have been scattered around the Common and surrounding streets. They are said to be laced with poison and left several dogs seriously ill. One witness claimed she saw chicken being thrown by a lady out of the window of her car, the number plate of which has since been passed onto police to aid the investigation. Others have had chicken thrown into their gardens. The whole ordeal has left local dog walkers anxious about walking their dogs round that area, saying that it is simply “not worth risking”. 

It is a great concern to the local authorities as the Common, surrounded by some of Merton’s most expensive properties, is a magnet for local dog lovers. 

The allegedly contaminated chicken proved to be fatal for an eight-year-old Schnauzer named Bertie who had been taken for a walk on the Common just the day before. Medical assistants came to the conclusion that it was the most plausible explantation that he had been poisoned, with his organs shutting down. Official cause of death remains unknown, however, a toxicology report is expected soon from the RSPCA. 

In the meantime, dog walkers are advised to avoid Wimbledon Common until police are able to the solve the mystery.