The crux of the matter is this: teenagers are always accused for anything nowadays, admit it: something has happened to you or somewhere has been damaged and you’ve thought: ‘ugh, stupid, irresponsible teens, causing havoc. They need to be taught a lesson on politeness!’.

Well guess what? Sometimes it’s not our fault.

I -talking as a teenager- believe, that 80% of the time teenagers are genuinely good people. I mean yes, I have made mistakes and wreaked havoc- but who hasn’t? I guarantee you that not one of you has lived a clean life.

According to Mary-Louise Chapman of the society of help for teenagers and young adults, this stereotype that has been thrust upon them, severely damages their confidence and self-esteem to go out in public, in fear of being judged.

I have a story to tell you.

I knew a lady. Roughly 70. Deeply despised and feared ‘stereotypical teens’.


There she was standing at the bus stop -alone- and a 16 year old nonchalantly walked over to the said stop, wearing a black, zip-up hoodie, earphones in, ruffled brown hair, pale skin, dark trousers and freshly bought converse all stars. This lady thought ‘blimey’ here comes another troubled teen looking to wreak havoc. After a short while, the bus came, the elderly lady pulled her hand from her jacket pocket, to wave down the bus down, thus knocking her bus pass from her jacket pocket onto the floor, the boy then went and grabbed her bus pass- how quite quickly. The lady thought the he was going to attack her, and she just froze, just like a Jubbly. However, the boy grabbed her bus pass and passed it to her; smiling, he helped her onto the bus and offered a seat.

That boy: he saved her bus pass.

It’s a fait acompli that roughly 67.5% of all teenagers get the assumption form their peers that they are about to join in with illegal activities.

We need a metamorphosis!
This detrimental impact this has on children- our children- is ruining and shaping the future of these children.

Would you like to be judged on your personality and think you’re on your way to cause havoc?

I wouldn’t.

Because, you see the thing is: teenagers are always getting accused for everything nowadays. Let’s change that.