At the moment of publishing, there is 20 minutes until the official start of February 2019, and it is snowing. Some Englanders may rejoice at this, others (specifically mothers), will cry at this notice due to the possibility of their child staying at home due to a snow day.

I know that I and many others will be frantically refreshing the newsfeed of our schools and their Twitters for any information on a Snow Day due to the adverse weather. In London, there is a high likelihood of snow through the night with the snow starting in my area at around 8:30PM.

Having experienced snow not all too often in London, I expect there to be significant delays for buses and trains in the morning as reported by most news outlets.

The RAC expects there to be around 8,000 breakdowns across the United Kingdom due to the inadequate tyres that are provided in the United Kingdom.

Twitter account @londonsnowwatch anticipates there to be around 3-7 centimetres of snow in London which is certainly an exciting prospect and a beautiful start to February considering the brutality of January with unending cold temperatures with no relief in the form of snow.

An area that is particularly hard hit by the cold weather is Chicago with temperatures of around -20°C and a strong chill factor. These harsh temperatures across the Western Hemisphere seem to be a further reminder of Climate Change and its effects across the world with temperatures currently sweltering in Australia.

Will you be enjoying a White February?