After MP’s have voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a question has started to arise: What happens now?

The Prime Minister would have a positive result if the EU were to agree with changes and MP’s adjusted their opinions on the deal, however senior EU politicians refused to reopen the legal text of Uk’s negotiation.

There are different options to take into account:

1) In the case of Parliament disagreement to the deal, it would be a no-deal Brexit.

According to the EU rules, UK would have to leave. The official dates for the introduction of the Brexit command will start on 29th of March.

2) The government could propose to negotiate a completely new Brexit deal.

3) Another referendum, which would take too long according to the Parliament

4) Call a general election is one of Theresa May’s   ways of getting a mandate for her deal.

5) The European Court of Justice has ruled that it would be legal for the UK to revoke Article 50 to cancel Brexit.

We now can't predict what the decision will be yet, but we can use ways to prevent big effects on our personal life, for exaple by applying for the pre-settled scheme, that gives people permission to stay in the UK.

Never stop watching news, since everything that happens around you could have an impact on your life.