‘How much is that doggy In the Window?’ A song made popular by Patti Page in 1953 is a question that is still as pertinent today as it was 66 years ago with all the designer's breeds popping up out of nowhere. Dog’s have always been a popular family pet, they make girls cry when they see them in movies and every boy wants one of his very own.

If you’ve ever owned a dog you know just how special they make you feel when you come home, they’re there to give you comfort when you’ve had a bad day and just smoother you in kisses for no reason at all, but why are puppies so expensive to buy now? Gone are the days of puppies free to a good home being advertised in your local rag. Why have we become a society where it is acceptable to have designer dogs as well as designer handbags and shoes? Treating dogs as an accessory.

There’s so much more to owning a dog than how they make you look and a price tag. It has been estimated that over 130,000 dogs in the UK are taken in by charities each year, with many of these dogs being under 2 years old and a number of these being designer breeds.  Research by Dogs Trust has found that these dogs are being given up because the owners stated that behavior problems were the reason, they could no longer keep the animal. Dogs Trust research has also found that the reported behavioral problems of these very young dogs have come about because many of them are left home alone and become destructive, bark incessantly or develop separation anxiety.

Please do not get a puppy if you cannot commit to being it’s furever home as it is very unfair to these innocent animals to be homeless, with the potential for them to be euthanized when all they need is a loving home, training, and companionship. If you can commit to providing love, training, patience, and companionship I implore you to consider adopting a dog from the RSPCA, Dogs Trust or Battersea instead of encouraging designer puppy farms to exist and give a good home to a PUP who needs one without having to pay exuberant prices.