Wimbledon High’s senior production of the musical thriller by Stephen Sondheim is equal parts captivating and incredibly thrilling. The musical tells the tale of Sweeney Todd, an exiled barber who avenges his unjust treatment under Judge Turpin.

Interestingly, some suggest the tale of the musical itself takes on an element of truth, and claims have been made that the character of Sweeney Todd is not too far off a real person from the 19th century. However, vastly mythologised and exaggerated as the story passed between people, the true account of Todd’s actions is not entirely clear.

I spoke to some of the cast members about the process of preparing to take on the challenge that arises when facing a Sondheim musical, and how they felt about the musical as a whole. Lilly Camyab, who plays Judge Turpin, discussed this. “The musical is incredibly difficult as it clashes, the harmonically dissonant nature of the music means it’s difficult to follow. That being said, having the massive challenge means that the payoff is ridiculous.” She went on to explain that unlike other musicals she has played a part in, Sweeney Todd specifically is incredibly rewarding, and a great experience.

On a similar note, Cosima Aldington, taking on the role of Anthony, a naïve young boy, discusses the hurdles she had to overcome to approach the musical. ‘To be brutally honest, at some points it did feel monotonous. When opening day came about, everything fell into place and I realised why I had chosen to do it in the first place.” With rehearsals until the late evening and juggling the musical alongside A Levels, extra-curricular, a social life and simply being able to sleep it can get overwhelming. That being said, the musical was extremely impressive and a brilliant homage to Sondheim’s thriller.