Dance Exam

To rehearse for a dance exam is a stressful thing to prepare for and a lot of work goes into it. There are weeks and weeks of back to back non-stop rehearsals. There are different routines to recap on multiple times to make it stick into your self-conscious for a limited amount of time. Additionally, for a chance to do a dance exam it requires you to pay a certain amount of money to enter.

You will get judged on how well you know the dance, as well as how well you move your feet. There are grades of dancing and there are levels; honours are the highest and this involves a huge amount of effort and time. There is a lot of effort that goes into shows as well; So many costumes to hire and use for the big shows!

There are the small details that are so important as well, such as small things like specific hairstyles, costumes and changing rooms. There are also technical matters like lighting, the venue, tickets, and funding for all the preparation. There is also staff that need to be hired for certain jobs to enable for us to have enough support to make the show a success. Back to back non-stop hours go into preparing for these big shows and it takes months to get everything ready in the right way to have a great turn out.