Will we succeed? Yes or No.

Have you heard about the petition that is being held at the moment due to the reason as students want to start school at 10am. Here’s why: Many students have complained about having to wake up early to go to school as they don’t get sufficient amount of sleep and as a result they end up sleeping during lessons because of the amount of exhaustion that is stored in their bodies. Over 1.000 students in the United Kingdom have voted to start school at 10am because students that come late to school get detention or miss a part of their lesson which makes it harder for them to catch up. One student quoted. “ The reason why i voted for school to start at 10 am is because it helps you concentrate better as you are not tired also you are not forcing yourself to go sleep early just so you can wake up on time however by going to sleep early is stopping your time of relaxation, also homework becomes harder to do especially if you have after school clubs whether that be in and/or out of school.”

Students especially in year 10-11 are loaded with essays, courseworks, revision for mocks and GCSEs which makes it 10x harder for us to be able to stay awake in class as majority of the students live far away from school and have to stay up late due to homework or revision. This also messes up our sleeping schedule which may harm our health if we don’t get enough sleep to energise our bodies for the next day. Moreover, if teachers want students to get high grades in an exam or have enough energy to contribute in class then why load us with homework and make us start school so early. On top of that, the school has so much expectations from us but they don’t realise the struggles we have. Another student said, “ I am a student and i am always so tired i fall asleep in class or lose focus, this also is stressful and makes you not want to go to school. You are also not making the most of your day, this would help so much as it would keep students more awake and alert to things.” No one notices the struggles students go through nor the pain and suffering they have to overcome.

As a student myself i’m always loaded with assignments or revision to do for an exam and on top of that because i have after school clubs and other programmes as soon as i get home my face is buried in my homework even on the weekends i’m just studying and that is not healthy at all. Moreover, i am exhausted in lessons as i live far away from school so i have to wake up at 5am to get to school on time which leaves me with no energy to focus in class. This needs to stop now because us students get so stressed, exhausted and fed up of fighting the urge to stay focused and energised for school when all we think about is sleep which is not a healthy mindset.

Furthermore , I interviewed 2 students today separately and I asked them what they think of the idea of starting school at 10am and here’ what they said : Student number 1 said, “ I wouldn’t mind starting school at 10am but the bad thing is that we’d have to end school later at 6. I don’t want to stay that late as i have lots of homework to do.” On the other hand, student number 2 said, “ I think the idea of starting school at 10 am is such a good idea because i don’t have to wake up early (as i live far away) which results in me still being tired during the day and i lose concentration in lessons because i’m tired so how am i supposed to learn.” Us students want to succeed in life and get good grades not only will we be proud of the outcome but also the grades our parents would be proud of.