Not many people today will appreciate the 1900s past styles, even though most current household items and other common accessories are heavily influenced by certain decades in the 1900. In other words, vintage is what Dottie’s Teahouse in Carshalton High Street specialises in!

From delicately iced cakes, to tea served in those traditional ceramic teacups decorated in flowers, vintage items have always been one of Rebecca’s (the owner of the teahouse) passions. “I always felt like the village could do with something like this,” says Rebecca McKenzie “and I just felt like there was a gap in the market”. Inspired by baking and ‘all things vintage’, Rebecca started off with a little vintage caravan, which she then converted into a travelling tea room. After this, she decided to do a series of popups that specialised in running tearooms for a short period of time.

Described as a ‘community hub’, the Teahouse is a great place for families, grandparents and groups of friends.

The vintage teahouse also hosts many creative workshops, where the staff will teach a skill, like a pottery workshop, cupcake decorating classes and a splash of art.

The interior of the shop is laced with lavish vintage designs, to take you right back to the retro era and you can experience it as never before, due to all of the workshops going on and being in the presence of antique items. The atmosphere also further helps to transport you because you can smell all of the baked treats.

Carshalton is a small village which suits a teahouse just fine due to its unique history and buildings. Dottie’s Teahouse is the only one in the area.