What does it mean when you can’t scream in your dream? Basically, your dream is showing how difficult communication is becoming for you. Most of the time your dream actually represents how you are feeling in reality. If this is the case, it is important to learn how to identify your feelings and confront them in your waking life.

Sometimes, dreaming that you cannot scream is a sign that you are unable to express your feelings properly, there are emotions within you that want to come out, but you do not feel like you can’t constructively express them. This does not necessarily mean that you have to actually express those emotions in real life, for the dreams to go away.

Although, some people find that screaming in real life does actually make them go away other people, find it better to do activities such as scrap booking or meditating to help them release their emotions in a different way. Or you could also, divert your energy and emotion through exercise. This all depends on the person and how they wish to let their emotions out. 

Often, these dreams can also mean that you feel like people are suppressing you in real life. It could be that you want to have your own thoughts and make decisions about your life, but you feel unable to. You might be stuck in a job you hate and are unable to leave. You could be dealing with a dead-end relationship, a difficult neighbour or another problem that you cannot escape from. In these cases, the only way to really make the dreams go away is by solving your real-life problem.