Penguins Swimming Club is a voluntary run club that offers lessons to children aged 4 and above and of any ability. Running on Friday Evenings from 6pm until 8pm at Isleworth Leisure Centre in West London, the club helps everyone to strengthen and develop their swimming ability. Penguins Swimming Club is a club directed at families which has been teaching locally in Isleworth since 1932. Penguins is entirely staffed and run by volunteers and also encourages parents, as well as the swimmers themselves, to participate within the club. As a volunteer myself, along with some other swimmers, I help before my lesson on a Friday evening. It is great to be able to help my club as well as getting better at swimming. I have been a member of the Isleworth Penguins group for the past 5 years and from this I have improved my swimming techniques. It has helped me to get fitter, gain confidence and allowed me to make lots of new friends. Teaching has enabled me to help others learn to swim and make them aware of the need for safety around the water. This teaching has helped me to feel part of the volunteers and I think it is important that I can help the swimming community. I enjoy teaching others because I can learn about leadership skills.

I would encourage any family, with young children, around the Isleworth area to join Penguins. It is a great club to learn and develop new skills.