Veganuary. Launched in the UK in 2014, it is a registered charity that encourages people to go vegan for January. As some people made resolutions for the year, many have decided to try to stick to one month- January. There are many different reasons people try out Veganuary, such as, health benefits, environmental benefits, help animals and nutritional benefits. But some people decided to do it to set themselves a challenge for their New Year Resolutions. Veganuary allows people taking part to see what goes into their body with a lot more care and awareness; making sure there isn’t that sneaky, little drop of milk in the product they’re about to buy. This makes people read through all the ingredients, and research what type of vitamins you need, how to get them, and through which foods. The second biggest reason of taking part in Veganuary is for the health benefits. More and more people are leaving animal products behind in order to “combat” specific health problems. Reports show that there is an increase in people's energy levels and vitality, some say that “they’ve never felt better”. More stories of successful vegan athletes and celebrities are coming out and getting in the public's eyeline, making people more aware of the benefits. By lowering their carbon footprint, the people that are taking part are helping reduce the unnecessary harm to animals too those who cannot produce the products  the farmers or companies want to sell; becoming vegan saves around 200 animals per year already, with the minority sticking to veganism. But as January comes to an end, how many people are staying with the vegan lifestyle throughout the rest of 2019?