Just as we thought the Christmas spirit was dying down, it was only then gone to be called back on January 16th, as the drama students of Burntwood school went and watched the very famous Christmas Carol at the Old Vic Theatre.

The show was presented with great joy and the audience could feel the Christmas warmth fill within the walls of the theatre. It has been directed and adapted by Jack Thorne and Stephen Tompkinson, receiving outstanding reviews from The Telegraph and Time Out, as well as many others. All the actors working very well to have gotten to this point, performing the show from the 24th of November 2018, till the 19th of January 2019.

The way the show has been adapted made us, the audience, feel a part of the show as it had been performed through an immersive and traverse setting, meaning that the actors seem to interact with the audience. The feeling of the immersive layout makes the audience feel a part of the show and the story as It was being told. At the beginning, while people were still settling into the theatre, actors were throwing oranges out to the audience, causing a great delight and excitement as everyone tried to grab an orange or two.

As well as the setting, but the way the show was executed managed to bring everyone at the edge of their seats. The show opened with a small orchestra consisting of, cellos, violins, a piano and bells, which have their own story. The bells were being played by the actors on stage, varying from all different Christmas songs, such as “God Rest All Ye Merry,” which was played in the opening as well as the ending.

The show was not just for bringing the audience happiness but was in cooperation with the Felix Charity. They were raising money to feed four million children throughout England, which linked back to the story of the Christmas Carol really well as Scrooge by the end wanted to share all his goods to the everyone such as Tiny Tim’s family. The Old Vic is a charity in itself as well, raising over £3.9 million every year to feed families.

Needless to say, the Christmas Carol brought back the Christmas cheer throughout everyone, even the teachers. To say that we weren’t singing along to any of the songs would be a lie, the show got us all feeling all elated and part of the story that is Scrooge.

To be able to feel every feeling, visit the Old Vic website: https://www.oldvictheatre.com and book a show to watch with your friends and family.