Park Street in Croydon is home to many vivid art works. During my travels I have come across this street and it has enticed me in with its unusual and special art pieces. There are a range of styles and scales of art that creates a variation and contrast between each one, making them unique and different. 

I did art for GCSE so when I see interesting art works on my travels I can’t help but take a picture and interpret meanings for them! I think that before this street wasn’t too impressive but now these art works really bring the street to life and adds a pop of colour to Croydon.

There is one particular art work that everyone in Croydon knows; it’s the large Winston Churchill mural on Park Street. This great piece was created by David Hollier from New York and attracted lots of attention in Croydon. This was created at night and Hollier used extracts of Churchill’s speech to create it. Also in George Street there is some interesting art on the pavements which makes Croydon look really vibrant in these cold winter months.

So the next time you are in Croydon, pay Park Street a visit and take a look at all of the incredible art works that brighten up the streets of Croydon.