Stepping into a STEM Career
Interested in a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths and studying any one of these subjects? A new opportunity for female Year 12 students has arisen in the shape of the ‘Step into Stem’ programme, run by company Girls Talk London who came to speak to the Year 12 students at Ursuline High School, Wimbledon. Girls Talk London run Industry programmes that target female students aged 16-18 to give them access to a mentor and work experience in male dominated sectors
There is a dire lack of women working within STEM jobs worldwide, with only 17% of workers being women. This scheme aims to encourage these statistics to change, and welcomes far more women into such an exciting and progressive field.
The ‘Step into Stem’ opportunity is a 7 month mentoring and work experience programme in which students are paired to a senior level mentor on the scheme, providing a business based outlook on the STEM subjects which they are studying, and unique advice and help on getting into their dream sector. There is also then a final work experience week in the summer, run in partnership with the 4 big businesses funding the scheme: BT, Vodafone, Ericsson and O2 which brings to light a whole host of possibilities which come with studying these subjects.
In order to sign up, simply write up a CV and personal statement, and submit it to careers guide at your school.
A student from Ursuline High School, Izzy Moore said ‘This is a great opportunity which provides entirely unique advice and expertise on a one to one level which could provide invaluable experience to anyone looking to go into a career in STEM.’.
This programme and others they run is a great opening for young women to get involved and really experience what it’s like to work in such a field.

For more information and how to sign up, go to