How to save your money Anyone at any age will find it hard to save money as there will always be some new expensive item that we must have however, your teen years are the best time to save money as there really is nothing important we need to spend our money on. Here are some tips and helpful suggestions on how to save money.

1) Open a building society A building society is basically where you put all your saving and gain a lot more interest on the money then you would if it was a normal bank. Under 18’s aren’t allowed building society however you can put the account in your parents or careers name and they can put the bank in your name when your 18 which allows there to be more restriction to your savings until they are needed.

2) Leave your money at home If you have a card you should take a specific amount of money each week which allows you to get food and pay for travel and then leave your card at home with the rest of your money so you’re not tempted to spend more money then you should and then you can transfer he rest of the money into another bank.

3) Make lists For a week or however long you want you should spend your money how you normally would however, make a note of every penny you spend then by the end of the task look at all the money you spent and if it was worth the money. Try and focus on different areas of where you spend the most money like food, transport, clothes and you’ll begin to notice how much you are really spending and how certain spending’s aren’t necessary.

Try to focus on the future and how much the money you’re saving will benefit you and the rest of your life.