When your celebrating Christmas day with your loved ones, opening your presents and having your Christmas dinner, does it ever occur to you that someone may be alone this Christmas with no one spend it with, and Christmas just isn’t the same …?

Every year Hounslow youth centre and its volunteers play a huge impact in making Christmas day special for lonesome elderly pensioners, that don’t have anyone to share the joy, and delight of the occasion. sometimes we take being able to spend Christmas with someone for granted, receiving a present, the feeling of being able to get a gift for your loved ones, as you expectantly wait for them to open the present from you …Those days should be merry and filled with joy for everyone!

At times the world can be full of hatred, anger or violence, and you wonder where the good people are? But there are times like this when I myself am amazed at the impact the smallest act of kindness can have on someone, and thinking of ones that may be in need of that festive cheer, and putting that help into action !Just as it is done so, every year at the Hounslow Youth centre, by many hardworking, kind, caring , and devoted volunteers to give those lonesome pensioners the opportunity to make their Christmas special ; even when at times they may feel like there’s no one looking out for them especially at this time of year when it everyone becomes preoccupied with their own festive celebrations with their own family , and friends .

It is a very well organised project, and the Hounslow Youth centre provides transport for all pensioners, so they can make it without any difficulty, with volunteers ready to help them step of the minibus, as well as safely get on.T he centre is decorated to make everyone feel welcome and at home, serving them drinks, and cooking a delicious Christmas lunch ! There is live entertainment and afternoon tea, as they sit with friends and enjoy the day. Handmade Christmas cards are made for each individual with a present given to make them feel special. The day also includes lots of fun jokes and raffle prizes, so there is never a dull moment! The local town mayor visits every year, and she cannot believe what an amazing job everyone does and dedication that’s put in.

Gazing around and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces, of feeling wanted and important, is priceless, and knowing the fact that that you yourself have made an impact is so fulfilling and you are so content. Everyone has a role and job to play, whether it is dancing with them, guiding them to the toilet, talking to them, handing out food and drinks, packing the presents, helping them get off the minibus safely, as well as getting on, or taking their coat off… The list is endless no matter how small the part you play, everyone together can make a huge difference, you can tell how appreciated they feel and thankful, and that its self was the gift of Christmas for me.