The Fullers

I was recently given the pleasure to interview The Fullers, a local band from Wimbledon who have managed to reach over 13,000 monthly listeners since their first release in November, this is impressive and through Spotify (click here) their music has spread across the world.

The members believe in focusing more on the quality of their music rather than making as much as possible, focusing on melodies and lyrics they attempt to convey a deeper meaning through all of their songs.  

Peter Neilan, the lead singer, undertakes all songwriting duties for the band and has commented on how he enjoys fans suggestions of what his lyrics mean.

Even though The Fullers were created in 2017 they released their first single towards the end of 2018, this is because they spent a lot of time getting to know each other and growing to become closer friends, as they truly wanted to leave a mark on the world through their music this wasn’t something they could rush.  The group have even gotten so close together that they share the view, “we don’t want to switch out any members, we are very happy with the relationships we have formed.”

The Fullers have managed after only 3 months to have an upcoming live show in Richmond, even though they “didn’t want to seek for fame, we just want to make something” their nostalgic theme brings listeners back to a time were industrial Britain was the heart of the country and it makes audiences think of simpler times.

Your Local Guardian:

Everything about The Fullers is about the members, firstmost the band is named after Fullers Earthworks, an abandoned factory they used to spend time in when they were younger.  The music they make is heavily inspired by Arctic Monkeys and even though it is similar in a lot of ways their unique coming of age music creates their own sound, whenever you hear a new Fullers song it always sounds like them.  

Currently, their most popular song is just shy of 15,000 plays on Spotify and with a promising future I hope The Fullers can grow this number to an even higher feat.  They have established a sound, a fanbase, and a positive theme all the perfect parts they need to succeed.