Aladdin: the show to see

On the 15th of December, I was lucky enough to see Aladdin at the Wimbledon Theatre. The show was absolutely amazing and hilarious. The characters interacted with the audience and made sure everyone was involved. It flicked from 2D to 3D so you felt close to the action. There were jokes for the kids and for the adults so everyone was laughing. I would rate the show 4.5/5 but the missing 0.5 is due to issues with me. The show was amazing and I would definitely recommend to anyone. 

The characters were funny and it was fun to watch. I went with my family and we all enjoyed it. I asked Diane Young what her favourite thing about show was and she said this: “good seating, taking the grandchildren who had never seen a pantomime before and watching Pete Firman. It was great!”

Pete Firman, who plays Wishy Washy,  was my favourite character as he was funny and he got people from the audience up. 

The 3D section was amazing as the genie was projected, which made it all more magical. The 3D section was new and it was fantastic, it made the show much better. The actors were really good and got completely involved with the audience, such as asking questions and pulling them on stage. 

Being my first pantomime, I was definitely impressed and definitely would watch again. It was an amazing pantomime and I enjoyed every minute. The characters looked great, the outfits and the props/backdrop were all amazing. 

I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about watching it, you won’t be let down.