Make up has for a long time been a stereotypically female activity, often with attempts by men to join being shunned. However, in recent years we as a society have become much more open-minded giving way to a mass growth of popular male makeup artists or MUAs for short. These guys have mainly gained their popularity through the use of social media and today I’m interviewing a student whose aim is to be a successful MUA himself.

Jamie is a student with a passion for makeup who posts on Instagram showing off his talent which he has refined in the four years he has been doing make up for. Interested in where this stemmed from I asked why he started make up; in response he said:

“I started makeup because I found it in a time where I needed an outlet, and it was something that fascinated me about the things you could do with makeup and that inspired me to learn more and grow as an artist.”

Following on from this I wanted to know more about being in college while doing make up and what effect this had when asked, Jamie said:

“Fitting in running social media as well as college work is very difficult an I find myself putting it aside, either as a hobby or building a profile for more professional use, and working on my education instead.”

Next, I wanted to know about if any negativity had come from him doing make up to which he replied:

“I have had people tell me that I can't do makeup because I am a guy, as I’m sure every male MUA has, and I’ve also had people simply be confused about it all”

Finally, I asked him about the future and his aims for his make up to which he answered:

“After college I’m looking to move into makeup as a career, whether it be more bridal or more professional, such as film sets and photo shoots, but whatever it is I’m hoping I’ll be able to take something I’m passionate about and make it into a successful career for myself”

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