Think of something that makes you feel joyful, calm or loved – chances are that thing is somewhere in your comfort zone. But what is a comfort zone? Simply described, the common phrase means an action or situation that a person is used to, that requires little effort and results in minimal stress. However, as comfortable as staying in your comfort zone is, actually getting out of it from time to time can be freeing and beneficial for your mental wellbeing. It prevents you from getting ‘too comfortable’ and holding yourself back from various opportunities. Getting out of your comfort zone is not as scary as you think, and here’s why: 

1. It gives you the opportunity to learn and grow as a person – people inevitably make mistakes, the best way to harness making a mistake is to learn from it and take it in your stride.

2. Finding something you love – if you find yourself getting bored of doing the same things often, try searching for a new hobby or change up your routine 

3. An increase in self-confidence – doing things you have previously never done before can really give your confidence a boost and inspire you to start a cycle of new exciting experiences

Some simple examples would be to face a fear, try new food, change the way you view certain things and alter your mindset. All in all, taking a trip outside your comfort occasionally ultimately would open up new opportunities and encourage a positive mindset.