December’s Drone attack at Gatwick Airport

In December Christmas family holidays were severely disrupted as a terrible drone attack came to Gatwick Airport. Different airlines such as British Airways and Easyjet resorted to cancelling flights for the duration of the incident. Gatwick staff team were desperately trying to see if they could solve the problem, however they also invited the SAS for Military support.

A recent interviewee said that after waiting for 15 hours him and his families’ flight had been cancelled to Madeira. The customer also added that “His and his families Christmas has been destroyed by the drone attack”. As good and as generous Gatwick has been towards this attack, they have kept people updated on any news towards their flights and any information otherwise. In total 1000 flights were cancelled or diverted which affected 140,000 passengers.

Even a member of staff from our school had to re-divert from Gatwick to Heathrow, causing them to spend additional costs on travel, and the added anxiety of whether they would actually get to travel.

In class we have been discussing possible scenarios and the majority of us think there’s a bomb that’s inside or attached that has the possibility of exploding.

January update: On 8th January 2019, Heathrow falls victim of the latest drone sighting, closing the North runway. What suspicion and conspiracy can we conjure up this time?!