The World goes Veggie

As you may know today, parts of our world are being polluted not just by smoke, carbon monoxide or nitrogen; But by the mass of plastic being used around the world. Damaging or killing the life and our atmosphere on this planet.

However, today, scientists and people working for companies are trying to make new ways to stop plastic harming life at sea and on land. By reducing the use of plastic, we use every day that we just carelessly through away. More shops in the UK, like ASDA; M&S; Morrison's; Peacocks; Primark and a few more are stopping the use of plastic bags and replacing them with Eco friendly bags.

Also, McDonald’s has already gone Veggie with their new vegetarian menu which has also been approved by the Vegetarian Society, with lots more choices for our Eco friendly brethren to choose from then just rather ordering fries. For example people can choose from spicy vegetarian wraps, vegetarian Burgers, or pineapple sticks. This new McDonald’s menu is starting to spread round more McDonald’s restaurants around Europe, hopefully soon the rest of McDonald’s world will go veggie and maybe, just maybe our world that we know today will get better with less pollution and more Eco friendly Mac Donald's food and bags that aren't plastic.

By Rosina Cotton, Carew Academy