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We live in a time and age where literature is not read by many. People only read the text on their phones, tablets and electronic devices! I personally feel that books are underrated and children and teenagers should read more. There are many benefits from reading, one may argue that there are also benefits from using technology in today's society, but technology in todays society also brings disadvantages unlike reading books. 

Some Benefits of reading books 

1. You will learn a wide range of vocabulary - reading books will expand your word bank, the more you gain exposure to reading, the more new vocabulary will enter your knowlege. You will be well spoken, and this will improve your self confidence, being a self-confident person is great for any proffession and you can use it in every day life.

2. Better writing skills - this also relates to the expansion of your vocabulary. Reading books will improve your fluency of writing, as a literature student, my teachers have told me themselves that reading with improve my fluency in writing.

3. Stress reduction - No matter how many problems you have and pieces of work you have due in, slipping yourself into a great story will reduce your stress. You will forget about everything and just have time to yourself, have you ever heard the saying that when you read you are 'in two places at once'? Well, that's what i mean.

Surely, there are countless benefits to reading books. Benefits that are specifically good for you. So, what I hope you take from this article is that you may perhaps consider reading a book in your free time and gaining knowledge, instead of being unproductive and scrolling through social media.