Since September 2018, McDonald’s restaurants all over the UK have begun the process of removing plastic straws from the counters, and replacing them with paper ones. This decision was made in an effort to help the environment, and the CEO of McDonalds UK and Ireland has said that he is “proud that we’ve been able to play our part in helping to achieve this societal change.” 

However, the use of plastic straws isn’t the only thing McDonald’s has been facing backlash for. For years, the world’s largest food chain company has been criticized by environmentalists for a number of reasons. For example, the Methane emissions which contribute to Global Warming. McDonald’s uses around 350,000 cattle a year, and cows actually produce a substantial amount of Methane. A single cow produces around 252 lbs of methane every single year. In addition to this, livestock contributes to 14.5% of the total global GHG emissions. McDonald’s has responded to the criticismus , oclaiming that they have teamed up with E-C02 project, in order to measure the cattle’s methane emissions. The food chain company is actively working on reducing the GHG emissions by using new technology on the farm.