InvestIN Education's Young Journalist Programme is a fantastic opportunity for students aged 15-18. As a Year 12 student myself who is interested in this field, currently studying English Literature, and considering doing an English degree at University, I signed up for the event with excitement and came away with far more knowledge than I'd ever expected to.

The full-day event functioned as an engaging, interactive workshop that allowed participants an opportunity to hear about the world of journalism from those immersed in it themselves.

It was hosted by Alex Newman, a writer for the Financial Times-owned Investors Chronicle, alongside guest speakers Minnie Stephenson, James Ball, Gavriel Hollander, Emma Ailes and Rhiannon Curry.

This huge selection of people provided insight into the different sub-fields of journalism, including print, broadcast, digital, and investigative. As such a large group of students were involved in the workshop, it was very useful to have so many areas covered, as they can differ greatly from one another. With this information, it is easier for one to make a decision about which field of journalism they may be best suited to.

As well as insight into the various fields, students were also provided with tips on their writing, and how best to enter into the world of journalism by using these. For example, we discussed the nature of inverted pyramid writing and George Orwell's six rules for writing, as well as many other techniques, and the importance of keeping your writing consistent and varied, which provided the day with an enjoyable balance of discussion and learning.

The programme was certainly a rewarding experience, and for those interested in this field I would absolutely recommend signing up, as it gave me detailed insight into what it takes to be a journalist as well as the pressures and rewards of the job, as experienced by a range of different people.