The exciting tale of Robin Hood came to the Paul Robeson Theatre in the Hounslow Treaty Centre in December 2018. Around the time of Christmas, families are drawn to pantomimes. With their comedy, storylines and brightly coloured costumes the characters bring the festive spirit to theatres. The family-friendly pantomime was performed by the Hounslow Arts team in association with Ashby and Ryder Pantomimes. The Ashby and Ryder company have teamed up with the Hounslow Arts Centre for their fourth year bringing laughter through their pantomimes to Hounslow. Family tickets were selling at £10 per person. There were stalls selling refreshments and snacks before and after the performance and ice cream stands were out during the interval. The story of Robin Hood was told through the songs, jokes and audience participation. The characters were great at getting everyone involved by dancing, singing and even throwing sweets into crowd. After the show, the cast came out into the reception area for pictures with the audience. Caroline MacDonagh said ‘’The show was great! It was very funny, and the story was told well. My family and I really enjoyed it!’’ Robin Hood got people into the festive spirit all throughout December and the production team have started to prepare for their December 2019 pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.