With Christmas approaching and chocolate calendars drawing a near, is it true to say that the true meaning of Christmas is under appreciated?

Christmas. What is the first thing that  comes to your mind ? The birth of Jesus or the food and presents. For most it’s the second answer and although that might be wonderful and  you get a new phone or some cash , the birth of Jesus and it’s importance is seemingly irrelevant in comparison to a Christmas dinner. 

We all love to cosy up and watch Christmas movies with our families but even then, those movies tend to forget the nativity story too. It’s either a Christmas love story by Hallmark or a competition between two houses for who has the best decor for the season. The only well known movie which partially covers the story is the Nativity, which then only conveys it comically. Not to mention, tv adverts where brands like coca- cola highlight their product through Santa or Sainsbury’s, which portray Christmas elements like a gravy boat or a tree.

Christmas has more meaning than just the presents and it’s time that the story of the birth of Jesus and its religious aspects come to play.