On December 28th, Human Appeal will be holding a ‘Comedy Takeover’ charity event for those suffering around the world, raising money for those who do not even have basic necessities such as food, water and clothing to meet our human needs.

The event itself will include some of the funniest comedians, such as: Ali Official, Fatiha El-Ghori, Nabil Abdul Rahid, Jeremy McLellan, Anil Desai, Tez Ilyas and Aatif Nawaz at the Wandsworth Civic Suite, located on Wandsworth High St, London, SW18 2PU, and runs from 18:00 to 22:00. “It’s a super fun family event full of laughs in aid of Human Appeal’s winter campaign,” says Ebrahem, from the appeal.

The money raised from this event will contribute to the Winter Appeal which is one of Human Appeals biggest annual campaigns in which they provide help and care for suffering countries such as Yemen, Syria and Palestine.

Human Appeal is a humanitarian charity was formed by a group of students a little over 25 years ago with the intention to help not only domestic problems, but also tackle international problems have now become so successful that they help some of the world’s most vulnerable people to make it through extremely difficult situations. An example of this is Nasser, from Yemen who lost his child as a result of a deadly cholera epidemic spreading throughout the country and affecting many young children like his own. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the widespread of the disease due to low funds and lack of equipment and therefore need help in raising money to provide for the right health care to reduce the high number of deaths and to stop parents from losing hope. To find out and understand more about the full story of the suffering in Yemen, watch this video about a “Father’s cry for help,” to be more informed about Nasser’s story on losing his child:  https://youtu.be/3llvoSfgNzs. All the money raised from Human Appeal’s event will go straight to this cause and to help people like Nasser globally.

Zainab Siddiqui, Team leader for the South London Event, wants people to know; “Even though it is a comedy event, it is ultimately for the people suffering and it’s important to raise money and awareness for these people - even if it is through comedy.” Samara, a volunteer for the South London team, added, “Raising money through a comedy show is an engaging yet informative way to not only increase awareness but to also raise money for a cause very close to our hearts.” They both believe that it is a light-hearted way to highlight the importance of charity through humour and raise money for children and families who really need it.

Human Appeal is raising awareness for people, parents, children, like Nasser from Yemen, to help stop and prevent the cholera epidemic spreading throughout the country and affecting many. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the epidemic and need help to provide for the right health care needed for the children within Yemen and to prevent them from dying from diseases like cholera, and to stop parents from losing hope. To find out more and understand more about the full story of the suffering in Yemen, watch “Father’s cry for help,” (linked above) to learn more about Nasser’s story on losing his children. 

You can get involved with Human Appeal and work to help raise awareness for people like those in Yemen, like Hanifa has done (another South London volunteer.) She stated, “Working for the Human Appeal’s winter campaign has given myself and my friends from the South London Team, the incredible opportunity to directly fundraise for thousands of refugees and the homeless living on the streets this winter.” She also stated the idea of working as a team to help, “From being strangers to teammates, to now friends, we have come together to help those not as fortunate as ourselves.” To become a volunteer or to find out more behind the idea of Human Appeal, visit, https://humanappeal.org.uk/.

So, to enlighten your winter and those around the world suffering from these problems, gather your friends and family to come chuckle for charity, to become a part of saving lives across the world. Early Bird Tickets are £7 for one and currently there is a two for £10 deal. There will be a meet and greet held after the show where you can get the opportunity to meet with the comedians of the show. Human Appeal’s winter campaign is not just a time for laughter and fun. It’s a lifeline for thousands of people. Join Human Appeal on the 28th of December and you can have a fantastic evening while providing better lives for people in desperate need this winter.