Why Do We Have Film Critics? A Critical report on the Judge Jury and Executioners of the Film World

In today’s social media flooded world it’s incredibly easy for people to express their opinions on many topics, be it books to baking. However a popular subject to talk (and argue) about online are films.

Right now the film industry across the world is booming, every year hundreds of films are churned out by multi conglomerate companies desperately trying to squeeze cash out of everyday person’s pocket. However with every film released there is a parasite attached, and this parasite is known as the film critic. The film critic is always there whether you want them to be or not and they have the power to completely destroy your films reputation.

The job of a film critic is not hard, they paid to watch movies and write about them. However the question remains “why should people who didn’t work on the film be allowed to publicly express their opinions on it, in turn changing the way the film is perceived? Why should someone who’s only input to the movie is watching it have the right to trash talk a film even though they are most likely unaware of the effort that went into it?” well the answer to that is, they don’t. They just can. With the rise in social media it’s not hard for someone to talk about whether they liked a movie or not and it’s the same with ‘certified movie review websites’ it may sound official but it’s mainly just people telling you their personal opinions, and the problem with that is, everyone has different opinions on many things.

Take the 2014 movie “Kingsman the Secret Service” for example. When this film came out it was absolutely slammed by critics even though the majority of the general public enjoyed it. Why is this? 1) because critics are sheep and 2) because it doesn’t fit in with their guidelines.

Movie awards are big, and loved. But have you ever noticed there’s only ever one type of film that wins. The sad ones, the ones which depict a real life situation that’s typically depressing and is gritty and uncomfortable for the audience to watch. Why should this be? There are many films out there which hundreds of people have put their blood and sweat into and it just so happens that the movie those people have worked hard on, is an action movie. Meaning it’s instantly pushed aside by pretentious critics. Why should films have to fit this template in order to be gain renown and attention from the general public and why should critics have such an effect on how well a movie does? Why can’t a decent action movie or slasher horror film be recognised as decent? It’s all because of film critics. The stealer of success the silent attacker who can wreck a film in a single review, but what can we do to stop this? You may inquire. The only thing you can do is formulate your own opinion by going to see a film instead of just passing it off as bad because it has a low Rotten Tomatoes score. Movies are made for entertainment so instead of complaining about it online, go to a cinema sit back, enjoy your overpriced and diabetes inducing refreshments, and enjoy the show.