The annual 'Lights Up' Celebration is always something to look forward during the months before Christmas. 2018 was no exception and it was an all round enjoyable evening for everybody.

Huge crowds gathered around music booths up and down the vibrantly decorated high street. Lively, festive music created a light and cheerful atmosphere in the midst of a chilly evening. Throughout the local community, people gather on the highstreet to catch up with old aquaintances and enjoy the Christmas Spirit. The event was perfect for a family day out with stools selling delicious foods and Christmas decorations. Seperate from this, the event was also a prime spot for up and coming bussinesses to advertise themselves to the general public. Examples of this include a jam business giving out free samples aswell as an up and coming artist promoting his new music by singing to the cheerful crowd.

The main event of the night is the switching on of the lights. This year they were turned on by the Deputy Mayor of Richmond, Cllr Mona Adams. The grand Christmas tree stood tall outside the old post office on elmfield avenue. There were countless musical acts, such as the fantastic Teddington Gospel Choir, an X factor finalist named Mike Conlon and even some very convincing Elvis impersonators. A member of the crowd said this, " I heard rumours that Lights Up may not have been able to happen this year due to a lack of funding. However, im glad it did and i had an all round enjoyable evening tonight."