The surrey county council has planes to reduce the carbon emissions of cars by 10% by 2020. Smart meter is being made available to households, for free, to reduce the amount of energy they use and therefore reduce carbon emissions of power plants and it can also help house save money. The university of surrey say that they have discovered and new materials that could be used to make a more powerful battery and therefore make electric car better, meaning they would become more popular therefore reducing the amount of petrol and diesel cars on the road. They also are educating young people on how to reduce their carbon footprints.

Surry county council is investing £13 million a year to improve the efficiency of there building. There are planes too add solar panels to 26 schools in surrey and they are rolling-out more energy efficient street lighting. There are incentive schemes to raise funds for low carbon developments. When low carbon policy of are not meet the developers must invest into a pot with can be used to fund renewable projects across surrey. There have been 8,500 solar panels have been installed, this makes it so power can be produced for free without resulting carbon dioxide, so therefore does not contribute to climate change.

There are many problems cause by climate change such as changing biodiversity and an increase in heat related death and injury. Which is why the world has to come together to help combat this problem. We can see they surrey is doing it part to slow down climate change.