Taking up an instrument from a young age has proven to be beneficial for the brain and self-esteem of an individual. 12,000 young people learn an instrument at Hounslow Music Service alone, where 70 professionally trained teachers visit various schools to provide an active education in the art of music.

Running since 1980, Hounslow music Service helps children in school to develop their love and passion for music that could provide various career paths in the future. While offering lessons during school time and outside of school, they also offer Saturday Music School for more advance’s pupils. Hounslow Music Service provides lessons in Keyboard, Cello, French Horn, Saxophone, Drums and many more! Students are open to taking part in exams from grade 1 above or taking part in music therapy.

Although this is a lovely hobby for some, what impact does it really have on the brain? Well, it is scientifically proven that learning to play an instrument is both mentally and physically effective. It is said that it strengthens abstract reasoning skills in younger and older people more than teaching or computer skills. It helps with skills such as coordination, memory capacity, time capacity and organisation, maths skills and comprehension. Some that have learnt to play an instrument may even say that it has helped with social and listening skills. The fact that you are listening and responding physically helps with direct communication with others.

Lilyella Ioannides, a grade 4 singing student at Hounslow Music Service, says, “My many years of learning the art of music has helped me to extend my memory and listening skills. It is very helpful for academic life as it helps to register and process information into my brain quicker!” It not only impacts your brain in the smart aspects, but also in the individual’s mental health. The fact that you are learning something new and enjoying it give the feeling of self-accomplishment which is a healthy and positive feeling for the brain.

To sum up, learning an instrument can help to increase your capability in academic areas. Although not proven that it makes you ‘smarter’, neuroscientist say that it will help develop personal skills that are beneficial for social interactions and personal achievements. It is highly recommended that anyone who can should learn at least one instrument and anyone who has will say it has helped them to find their love and passion for music!