Who Should Fit The Bill?

You’re out for a leisurely stroll at the local park with your cute pup and suddenly a large dog off the leash bowls your pup over – the cries of your little one sends shivers down your spine. Your pup has been injured by the other dog, what should you do? Whose fault is it? Who should pay for the vet visit? I am sure many of you readers have experienced something like this at one time.

Well there is no legal requirement for pet owners to insure their pets, and it is no secret that vet bills cost $$$. So why is it that if an accident occurs with vehicles, at work, or in malls insurance covers it and it is a legal requirement to have insurance and it’s not required of pet owners?

Speaking to a representative at Pet Plan they said, ‘that most pet owners do have pet insurance of some description however, it is not a legal requirement.’ When probing further as to why this is the case, I was told it is seen as being a responsible pet owner and you should have pet insurance, but not a requirement to owing a pet.

So, what happens when another dog injures your dog? Not receiving a satisfactory answer from Pet Plan, it boils down to one of two things. You being a responsible pet owner should have pet insurance and praying that the other owner is also a responsible pet owner who has pet insurance.  But what if this is not the case? Someone must pay the vet who should it be? Using the above scenario, the other dog’s owner would be responsible, but they are not by law required to pay for your dog’s injuries. It would be hoped that the other party would do the right thing and take responsibility. but that’s taking a big chance.

Don’t leave anything to chance for only a marginal cost a year your pet can be covered for life giving you peace of mind that your beloved pet is going to be fine as you have insurance. Should pet insurance be compulsory? The law says no, but as the Pet Plan agent stated accidents do happen and it’s better to be insured than not.

Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching. Rudyard Kipling